Saturday, October 29, 2011

*VoguE* Halloweeen Gift

A GIFT for you in celebration for Halloween!
Valid for limited period, 200 sets per day.

To all Guests ~ Long Version

Exclusive to VoguE Members ~ All 3 Sets

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

More from the Ruffles and Tweed collection

Sneak peek at STEFFI, the latest release from *VoguE*.   The ruffled top bears one of Zalyn's trademarks of the season....ruffles.  Add the flowing, featherlike split skirt and va-voom!  STEFFI allows me to feel like a femme fatale......formal, yet not stuffy and prim, very edgy and daring, uber sexy.  Bare that stomach and legs, ladies and let's take the town tonight!

The Marilla/Dustine/Caryl set is ripe for mixing and matching.  

DUSTINE:  This tweed top is exquisite on details, lacing around the neck and along the hem….one of a kind.  Pair them with a great pair of pants like….

CARYL:  These ¾ length pants are so fashionable and trendy, done in tweed.

MARILLA:  One of the most versatile jackets you will find, done in tweed.  Dress it up, go casual, have some fun but be sure to get one in every color, it’s THAT great.

Available at *VoguE* mainstore

Friday, October 21, 2011

*VoguE* Releases.....Terror Makeup and Tweed Dress

Just in time for Halloween, *VoguE* releases a special makeup set called TERROR MAKEUP.  Come try it out and let us see what kind of tricks you pull.

UTA:  Available in six colors, this tweed and satin release is flouncy and flirty, tons of fun with that skirt that swirls around your legs.  Great for a night out dancing or at a a little attitude, toss that scarf over your shoulders and set out on the town!

Available only at *VoguE* mainstore.

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Releases from *VoguE*

ANGENI:  Sassy with one shoulder of lace, smooth ruffles around the hem.  This is a fun, flouncy dress to wear out and about the town.   No doubt that this feminine fun dress is part of our Ruffles Collection for the new season.

CHERILYN:  No one does tweed like *VoguE*.  This outfit is the ultimate fun and trendy tweed outfit for the new season.   From the scarf that hugs your neck to the strapless top and asymmetrical hemline, this screams FASHION and TRENDY.  Dress it up or down, very versatile.

Available only at *VoguE* Mainstore.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

*VoguE* New Ruffles Collection Release

The newest *VoguE* Release in the ruffles collection is the lovely Jazmine Gown, a body clinging mermaid style with a hint of skin at the ribcage, all the way around.  Elegant sequin fabric that moves smoothly with the body, the mermaid cut of the skirt is enhanced by the sheer flounce that flutters around your feet as you walk.

Accompany this slinky number with the Karita Ruffles Jacket.  Karita sports oodles of ruffles on the shoulders and along the upper back, a gorgeous beaded and gold heart fastener gracing the front, making the need for additional neckwear unnecessary.  Flowing from the ruffles, the sheer jacket lets the beauty of what is beneath shine through.

Each available in eight bold colors, these additions to your wardrobe are a must for the  mix and match trend of the season.  Only at *VoguE* MainStore.