Saturday, December 6, 2014

Khloe @ VoguE
Elegance That Shines!
Today at VoguE we welcome our New Release Khloe.
A beautifully Elegant Suit in pinstripes.
Coming in over 6 colors its time to show your dramatic and bold personality. Also sold separately for mix and matching.
The most beautiful part is the sequins scattering over the lapels which speaks for itself.

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ann Joins VoguE

Be Bold, Be Brave.... Be VoguE
VoguE continues to celebrate and enjoy its 6th year open in Second Life with a New Release. This new dress is named Ann and its the core of elegance with its optional delicate fur sleeves mixed with its short hem and dramatic patterns. It is the dress to make an entrance.

Coming in 6 different colors full of vibrant. VoguE puts some deep colors in your winter wardrobe.

Only at VoguE Mainstore.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Anniversary Hunt @ VoguE
Hunting for Jewels, Every girls dream.

Today at VoguE we continue to celebrate our 6th Anniversary with this amazing set of Jewels which is up for a hunt gift in the Mainstore.

The Edgy Sharp jewels are ready and perfect for any occasion to make that outfit stand out and give you a fierce look.

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Anniversary Gifts
"This is just the beginning to show our gratitude of your support making VoguE 6yrs old this year!" - Zalyn Bailey

 VoguE is celebrating its 6th Anniversary with this unique stylish gift.

 If you are in the VoguE Inworld Group - Style with Attitude you get the fatpack of these goregous boots where as if you arent iin the group you also get a gift of this boot just the brown version.

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Saturday, November 15, 2014

VoguE Anniversary Sales

Beautiful 6 Years
We are proud to announce our 6th year being in Second Life and We value each and every customer who have made this dream possible so therefore we are doing a massive Sale Instore during Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November. This will exclude the New Realeases but everything else will be upto Half Price including our Mesh items and our 2014 Summer collections.

Also big news this weekend is that Our Instore Modelling Casting will be extended until 7th December Noon to get your submissions in and Runway selections on 13th December 2014. We are looking for stylish, unique models to add to our evergrowing family.

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Avery @ VoguE
Dress Up and Down with VoguE
The art of dressing up never ends. No matter your age.

Here at VoguE we introduce to you the elegance of Avery. With the stunning crop top and the maxi skirt enlined with soft pearls and optional prims to flatter the outfit.

The color shown is no  longer available but there are 6 other stunning colors including magenta, mocha, blue, lavender, red and black.

Try The Demo VoguE Mainstore

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lola @ VoguE
Casual Meets Formal.

This beautiful casual Dress mixed which comes in 6 different colors mixed with different color fur's to meet your needs.

We told you fur was going to own your closet this Winter and we werent wrong. 

This dress is perfect for the event of the year! Especially if you want something a little more unique and elegant!

Try The Demo at VoguE Mainstore

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Gift
Group Member Gift hits VoguE
This Month's Group gift is this pretty bangle. 

Accessories are a girls best friend when styling and this beautiful bangle in swirls of black and sliver is a classic for dressing up or down. 

The bangle is resizable and mesh.

Join Vogue Style with Attitude Today and receive this beautiful bangle but hurry... Only available a limited Time

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Paegan @ VoguE

Sexy Leather mixed with Fur.

This week we treat you with dramatic Fur!
This amazing leather jacket is the jacket of the Season with its sleeves of beautiful soft fur. Fur is making a come back this Season and with all this leather it is the perfect sexy combo.

The Leggings are not only sexy but the have a wide bootleg so they are ideal for your mixing and matching!

Be Fashionable! Be VoguE!

Try  the demo at VoguE Mainstore

VoguE Model Casting

VoguE Search for Instore Models Continues....

Last November we casted for beautiful models to join our Instore Modelling Team and this November we are back again.

Do you take pride in what you wear and how you look and love VoguE?

Come Join our Family!

The Casting is very Simple. You need to wear ANY VoguE item you own from our Mainstore. Send a snapshot (512x512). No need to be edited pictures. We are literally just looking at your styling. After we confirmed we have your NC and Photo. We will shortlist 10 models and they will be invited to take part in a runway closed casting on Saturday 22nd November 2014 at 8am SLT.

Inside your NC you need to include: 
  • SL Name,
  • Rezz Date
  • Any Modeling Certificates
  • Modeling Experience
  • Why do you want to work with VoguE
  • What can you offer VoguE
  • Do you have any accounts with Blogs or Flickr
  • Head shot Picture wearing VoguE
  • Full  Body Picture wearing VoguE
Rules of Casting:
  • Join VoguE With Attitude Inworld Group.
  •  Please have VoguE Mainstore in Picks (We will Check)
  •  You are active on Second Life and are able to respond to Group Notices
  •  Deadline is Sunday 16th November 2014 at Noon SLT
Please Forward your NC with all above answers and Pictures to Sessie16 Resident Inworld.

Here at VoguE we thank you for all the support over the year and we cant wait to hear from you!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

VoguE starts the Season with Elegance.

Elegance with Optional Fur.

VoguE starts the Fall Season with Helina.

A beautiful, strong elegant formal gown. We at VoguE predict that Fur will be a strong feature this season and Helina seemed the perfect first release to this collection. Fully Mesh and coming in 5 different color combinations really what more could you ask for?

Try The Demo at VoguE Mainstore

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Cold But Not Freezing, An Outfit That Fit The Needs

A chic, simple yet not so simple sweater that goes well with either pants, shorts or skirt.

A must have for all ladies, covered from front but daring from back.

The top comes in 6 col options, primary colour being Black, skirt and top are sold separately to ease your styling needs.

Visit VoguE Mainstore now to try DEMO before your puchase.

Photo taking can be fun with various Windlight options, trial and error to find one that suits your needs.

Style it simple as shown in this shot, as winter is drawing near, our Model : Venum, styled it with boots.

We look forward to more style in your own way and do let us know to add your creative style and shot in our flickr.

or find us in Facebook

We await you at VoguE, with more other fashion options lined up for you.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Once Upon A Perfect Night, Create Your Perfect Night with a Gown that Makes a Diff of Wonders

Fur Can Make A Drastic Change of the Look of a Gown

A full length evening gown made with a Chinese oriental silk fabric, finishes with one-shoulder fur sleeves to create an elegant appeal.

The thigh high slit added the sexiness in you. Be daring, be sexy with this dress, style it your way.

A mesh creation by vogue (secondlife), comes in 6 col options, the preference is yours.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Halter Neck Twisted Top

It's a mesh sexy creation with a touch of two color twist low cleavage halter and near bare back. 

Style it your choice with these eyecatching 2 colors twist top. Designed to go with both pants or skirt of your choice.

Try the demo or purchase yours now at VoguE MainStore

Saturday, August 23, 2014


A Touch of Sparkle To a Long Formal Gown

You can never go wrong with sequined sparkling style for a formal occasion. Today's new arrival will makes you glitter from head to toe, a sleek, elegant long gown with a shimmering accent. 

Use it with the correct windlight will further enhance and reflect off this gown hugging your body, giving you a glittering radiance, an absolute standout on the dance floor.

Style simple to look elegant, or style dramatically for runway, the choice is yours. 

Now available only at VoguE Mainstore, drop by to try on the demo, our fitting rooms are ready for you.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Amelia Joins VoguE.

Be casual with stripes

Amelia is joining VoguE this week. Its beautiful flowing skirt mixed with its edgy abstract stripes makes it a must have for the season. It comes in 6 different colors and is completely mesh.

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Monday, August 4, 2014

VoguE August Gift

Along comes August with VoguE's New Group Gift. In the accent of summer! These beautiful shades are VoguE Gift to its Loyal Members. Come to VoguE and enjoy Summer in style with these free shades. Please note they will only be available for a short period of August.

 Only at VoguE Mainstore

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ruth Joins VoguE

Today Ruth joins VoguE. Sticking with the braces comes this beautiful corset design with the stylish mini skirt. Both mesh and coming in 5 different colors for you to mix and match. Sexy but casual, bare those shoulders for the last of those summer months.

 Only at VoguE Mainstore

Friday, July 25, 2014

Norma Joins VoguE

Tomorrow  see's the launch of Norma, A cute casual outfit with dungaree top and pretty white stars and to match that denim top comes crop pants. Fully Mesh and comes in an aray of different colors.

Grab yours Tomorrow at Vogue Mainstore

Monday, July 7, 2014

July Group Gift

Half cut leggings with the beautiful wild pattern down the side for the gift for July. Mesh and comes in 5 different sizes. Avaliable for all VoguE Style With Attitude members. Run as only avaliable a limited  period.

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Georette hits VoguE

This Week Georette hits VoguE. Georette is the dress of the Season, with its sexy animal print on the skirt and collar and the plain beautiful shirt. Its so versiatile and easy to dress up or down with accessories. It comes in 6 wild colors and its mesh.

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Blogger Casting Results

VoguE has the results of their Blogger casting and although it was a very tough decision. We are pleased to announce we have our 6 NEW Official VoguE Bloggers. But first of all here are the top 3 prize winners.
1st Tiviyah Resident winning herself 5000l
(featured to the left)
2nd Rehana Seljan winning herself 2500l
3rd Dely Cresci winning herself 1000l
Also we would love to invite : Europhia Boyington, Shanty Bookmite and Riri Lemon also as Official VoguE Bloggers. You will receive a message Inworld today.
We thank you to everyone of you who applied. We really appreciate all your hard work.

VoguE Management

Friday, June 27, 2014

Evana Joins VoguE

Launched Tomorrow, Evana joins VoguE. This Glamorous Sexy Little Dress is going to be the dress of the Season with its Elegant lines but sexy sheer pieces, not to mention the bare back from the Halterneck.You will be able to dress this up or down. Mesh and coming in 5 Different bold colors and completely mesh!!

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Monday, June 23, 2014

Brigitte Gown

A Glittering Gown called Brigitte enters VoguE this week. Known for its sparkling skirt and beautiful patterened mesh dress. It also comes with a matching mesh necklace and 6 amazing colors! Absoultely stunning... Perfect if you want to stand out in a crowd!

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Monday, June 2, 2014

VoguE Blogger Casting

VoguE Fashion Pulse is having its First Ever Blogging Casting.
We Require Unique, Stylish Bloggers for our Rapidly growing store.
VoguE makes a variety of items from Gowns to Casual, Lingerie and Swimsuits to Head dresses and Make Ups.

We will be selecting our favorite 6 Bloggers to be Offical VoguE Bloggers!
Also there will be prizes for the 3 Top Bloggers.
1st: 5000L
2nd: 2500L
3rd: 1000L

Interested? Please Follow these simple steps:
1. Please style something from VoguE Mainstore

2. Blog it over the month of June 2014

3. Upload to Flickr and add it to the following Flickr Group:
VoguE Blogger Casting
4. Please Add your Blog Link and Full Avatar Name to Description.

5. You are all Done.

We will announce the Bloggers on 1st July 2014. Good Luck
Vogue Management

Saturday, May 31, 2014

VoguE June Gift

June Gift is these beautiful elegant Velvet Gloves which are Mesh and are made with 6 different poses. Ideal for any outfit. Only Instore a limited time: Run...

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Alma Set

NEW casual outfit called Alma, Beautiful loose fitting pants and stunning yet revealing sweater top with the back cut -outs adding the sexy. Completely Mesh and coming in 6 different colors. 

Only at Vogue Mainstore

Monday, May 26, 2014

VoguE May Gift

This Month VoguE brings us some stylish hip. This beautiful mesh top has a color change HUD so it can match your mood perfectly. Perfect for those beautiful summer days. Only available for a limited time so Runnn.....

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nicole Gown

This Weeks New Release from VoguE is the Nicole Gown. It is a Gown but with a lingerie twist. Sexy and elegant and is perfect for all those romantic moments. available in 6 different colors, comes with stocking and is mesh its absolutely stunning.

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Friday, May 9, 2014

Zion Swimsuit

New Swimwear at VoguE this weekend.

We launch the Zion Swimsuit. Sexy and Elegant are two of the main factors of this suit. The low V cut front with the shiny satin. Its a must have in ones wardrobe this Summer.

Available in an ray of colors at VoguE Mainstore

Saturday, April 5, 2014

VoguE Boudoir

A Delectable Lace Lingerie

Lace, a all time favourite to most ladies. This lingerie set is sheer with lace and instead of a nightie dress, it's in shorts.

Low neck-line, not too revealing but yet appealing, a sweet lace combination that gives a different look in your own bedroom.

Available in 6 different cols, at VoguE Mainstore

VoguE Boudoir

Bedroom Affair 

This set of corset is specially dedicated to women who love looking exquisite, elegant and confident.

VoguE Sterlingzen corset - A fashionable and typically alluring undergarments, comes in 6 col options.

Available only at VoguE Mainstore.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

VoguE Boudoir

Nipped-in Look with Corsets

The most common use of corsets is to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. In secondlife corset usage most frequently use to emphasize a curvy figure and it could be flexible to use as a bedroom wear or either a top to go with for a casual outing.

This corset launched today "L.Louise" has 2 options of fabrics (1) Cotton Lace (2) Floral Satin Lace, 6 colours to choose from and each has it's appealing factors.

Only available at VoguE Mainstore

VoguE Boudoir

Be Daring In Lingerie Selection!

Lingerie today can be a fashionable wear, this set launched today comes with an optional lace dress.

This will be VoguE's 6th creation for 2014 Lingerie Spring/Summer Collections.

Today at VoguE Mainstore, there are 6 colours for you to purchase according to your preference.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

VoguE Boudoir

VoguE Lingerie Spring/Summer Collections

Full launch of "Rhianna Nightie Dress" Today at VoguE Mainstore. One of the lingerie piece showcasted at our lingerie Runway.

A seductive lace and sheer combination, an alluring bedroom wear made of mesh to fit all sizes.

Only available at VoguE MainStore

Click here for Landmark

Sunday, March 2, 2014

VoguE Fashion

Gift Of The Month


An outfit is never complete without proper Fashion Accessories.

This Month Gift exclusively for our Valued Members - Fashion 3-tier Necklace.

Only for a limited period, remember to wear  your tag upon clicking.

Only at VoguE MainStore

Saturday, March 1, 2014

VoguE Boudoir

Cast A Spell With Lace And Sheer

Are you looking for something to replace unflattering nighties? Get comfy and utterly sexy for the privacy of your bedroom with today New Release "Ficceh Nightie Dress".

Today, we be launching 6 colours of this nighties, pick your preference at an affordable price.

A mesh nightie dress with various sizes and demo at our MainStore awaits you.

Click here for Landmark

Saturday, February 22, 2014



We cordially invite you to join us at VoguE Lingerie Spring/Summer 2014 Collections Runway Show

Date 23rd Feb
Time 10am (slt)
Duration 1hr

12 exquisite lingerie, from nightie dress to corset and swim wears, presented to you by 6 fabulous models on stage.

After the show, for the hour the 12 sets will be put on sale. Those who miss the opportunity will have to wait for individual launch subsequently after the show on a weekly basis.

Have a Date with VoguE! We await your presence at the Show.


Assistant Producer
Venum Ames


Rhiannalynn Lane
Leezah Kaddour
 Jang SungYoung
Yashi Audion


Zalyn Bailey

Miele Tarantal

VoguE This Week New Release Mesh "Claire Nightie Dress"

A semi sheer floral print bedroom wear. 

It's sexy, alluring with a touch of sweetness. The set comes in various sizes and an optional panties (mesh), be sexy this spring with our VoguE Boudoir's lingerie Spring/Summer Collections.

Available only at VoguE MainStore

Saturday, February 15, 2014

VoguE Boudoir

This Week VoguE welcomes Sungyoung 

Which will be the start of VoguE spring Swimwear/Lingerie collection, 
Sungyoung is Mesh Bra and Panties 
Covered in beautiful lace and coming in 5 different colors.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

VoguE Welcomes Cheong Sam

This week joining VoguE is another creation celebration the Chinese New Year 
called Cheong Sam which is on special Promotion to celebrate. 
Run only for a limited time....

Only at VoguE Mainstore

Gifts at VoguE

Chinese New Year Gifts at VoguE, 
The dress in the right being for ALL Guests at VoguE 
or if you are a VoguE Group Member you can get both dresses. 

Both these styles are mesh and perfect for the upcoming Spring Season.
Only at VoguE Mainstore

Sunday, January 26, 2014

VoguE Ysobel

VoguE's First Formal Gown of the New year 
Is this beautiful elegant dress called Ysobel 
Coming in 5 different vibrant colors perfect for the Spring.
The beautiful fitted corset and the loose skirt gives it a really sexy fresh look.

Monday, January 13, 2014

NEW Gift's at VoguE

New Gift at VoguE this week. 
Coming in 5 different colors for group members or single colored black for guests to the store. 
Its time to get ready for spring in this cute combo 
Of the daisys dancing all over the shorts and this edgy cute crop top. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

VoguE Wecomes Lizbeth this week. 
Lizbeth is a elegant top/pant combo with the plunging neckline to add the sexy into this outfit. 
Fully Mesh avaliable in 6 different beautiful colors.
Only At VoguE Mainstore

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lagenlook Pants joining VoguE....

Joining VoguE this week is Lagenlook Pants. 
The Loose fitting Boho style pants joining VoguE 
come in 6 different colors and are completely mesh. 
Stand out on thoose casual days in theese beautiful edgy pants. 
Perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer Season.
 Only at VoguE Mainstore.