Saturday, July 5, 2014

Blogger Casting Results

VoguE has the results of their Blogger casting and although it was a very tough decision. We are pleased to announce we have our 6 NEW Official VoguE Bloggers. But first of all here are the top 3 prize winners.
1st Tiviyah Resident winning herself 5000l
(featured to the left)
2nd Rehana Seljan winning herself 2500l
3rd Dely Cresci winning herself 1000l
Also we would love to invite : Europhia Boyington, Shanty Bookmite and Riri Lemon also as Official VoguE Bloggers. You will receive a message Inworld today.
We thank you to everyone of you who applied. We really appreciate all your hard work.

VoguE Management

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