Saturday, November 28, 2015

Oriental Dress is Timeless 

The use of fabric in this dress is inspired by Chinese traditional dress which is timeless. The dress creates a sleekly curvaceous silhouette on your figure. It shows a breathtaking femininity and sophistication that is appropriate for any occasion.

This creation comes in 6 colors to suit individual preferences. Each has a bodice embroidery of floral on silk, instead of the usual mandarin collar, this dress took a daring tube top to allows creativity with accessories while styling.

There are more to offer at VoguE mainstore, visit us now to try the demo before you made your purchase.

Model : Venum Ames

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Winter Collections From VoguE

Model : Venum Ames | Clothes : VoguE Xanthe

For those who love to wear dresses and do not want to leave them behind during winter, the good news in Sl is despite the snow and  sleet that may weather your booties and strong wind that leaves you with haphazard hairdos, in SL, your wardrobe does not have to succumb to these winter blues.
You need not forgo your beloved dresses.  Winter dresses like this Xanthe that end up in the middle of the thigh are very popular even in RL, winter dresses can be infused with just as much style as spring, summer and fall season.

Xanthe from VoguE is a mesh dress with both hands inside the pocket, it works on all AO even dances animations. This creation comes with a hud to give you more styling flexibility in colour combination for the inner turtle neck garment.
Go VoguE now to try our DEMO before you decide to grab one for your wardrobe.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Poncho as a Fashion Item

Model : Venum Ames
Wearing : VoguE Xanadu Poncho & Xanadu Skirt Leggings

Poncho is the brightest representative of a complex fashion category as ethnic clothing. 

On one hand, it's an outerwear invented by American Indians, while on the other, in today's fashion world Poncho is view as a collection of Fashion.

This creation has gradually turned into a really stylish article of clothing, be it long or short, plain or prints, it is commonly wear during winter season.

This fur Poncho combines the beauty of fur with cutting that fits all sizes, contour to your body.

Available at VoguE MainStore

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Is Winter The Best Season To Update Your Fashion Collections?

Xarine Winter Wear
Model : Venum Ames

Some people look forward to the falling of snowflakes, while some look forward to Winter Shopping, Yuletide celebrations will soon be here where most will be busy enjoying a relaxed time with friends and family.

However, for people who are fashion freaks, this will be a time for them to update themselves according to the fashion trends.

In secondlife, it brings fashion to a greater height, this winter we will again be introducing you a series of Winter Fashion. Our Winter collections starts today @ VoguE, with the first piece "Xarine" as shown here. It's a partial mesh creation where the flexi is optional. Try the Demo before you decided to add this collection to your wardrobe.
Visit us now at VoguEMainStore


Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Thank You Gift From VoguE 

Mesh Nana Swimsuit

VoguE October Gift of the Month is out today @ VoguE Mainstore

As a continued gesture of thanking you to stay with us even during our long absent in secondlife, we would like to present you this as a Thank You Gift from VoguE.

6 Cols Pack as shown

Gold Col 

Limited period of time
Please do drop by VoguE to grab yours today

Once again thank you especially all our valued members
Model : Venum Ames

Swimsuit That Sizzles!

Who can blame us for contemplating a bit of sun here in  Secondlife and planning a holiday virtually with sun and sea in this sizzling swimwear that gives a nod to the trend whilst being easy to wear with a click?

This is a creation that shows just the right amount of skin in a fun and flirty way that contour your gorgeous silhouette in the most flattering way. The different fabric used gives a glamour either at beach or by the pool, print fabric that add an edge to the swimsuit and a fun piece to challenge your styling skills.

A new release from VoguE, now exclusively at VoguE Mainstore where more awaits you there. 
Model : Venum Ames

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Time @ Beach with VoguE

At some countries, the sunny days are drifting off, while some it's summer time!

I just came back from Bali island, a paradise with sun and beaches. these bikinis are inspirations from the trip. Hope you like them.

These 2 are latest releases at VoguE Mainstore,

To the left, this is Carie Bikini (mesh) comes in 6 cols options

To the right, this is Zebeth Bikini (mesh) comes in 6 cols options

Carie is a print fabric with butterflies (accessories not included), while Zabeth is something more "covered up" where it could be wear as a casual outfit in your styling mix and match.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Do You Think Gown with Extreme Low Back Revealing is extremely Sexy and at the Same Time Elegant?

 If you answer is yes, this is the gown for you. Be daring and bare your back with a breathtaking low backless gown that will drop jaws and ensure you are the centre of attention on any occasions.

  This creation have the rare ability to conceal all the womanly parts that most people want to see, while exposing the parts that both sexes possess.

 Satin long gown that is both outstanding and contour your body to perfection. Get yours now at VoguE Mainstore today.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Feeling Sexy Tonight? Dare to Reveal yet Not Revealing?

VoguE's new release ~Jessy Suit~ is out today, slit at sides revealing yet concealing.

A satin pant suits for all ladies, sexy and elegant, a must have to your collections.

Only available at VoguE Mainstore

Style It Your Way, Stretch Your Imagination

This is a delicate silk chiffon dress, which the skirt is sheer, what to wear beneath, let your styling sense go wild with "VoguE Jenina Dress".

Make a memorable looks with this dress in any occasions, make heads turn and footsteps stopped for you.

This creation comes with 6 colour options, we hope one suits your colour preference.

Only available at VoguE Mainstore, we await your patronage and lastly thank you for "listening" to VoguE fashion pulse.