Saturday, October 24, 2015


Winter Collections From VoguE

Model : Venum Ames | Clothes : VoguE Xanthe

For those who love to wear dresses and do not want to leave them behind during winter, the good news in Sl is despite the snow and  sleet that may weather your booties and strong wind that leaves you with haphazard hairdos, in SL, your wardrobe does not have to succumb to these winter blues.
You need not forgo your beloved dresses.  Winter dresses like this Xanthe that end up in the middle of the thigh are very popular even in RL, winter dresses can be infused with just as much style as spring, summer and fall season.

Xanthe from VoguE is a mesh dress with both hands inside the pocket, it works on all AO even dances animations. This creation comes with a hud to give you more styling flexibility in colour combination for the inner turtle neck garment.
Go VoguE now to try our DEMO before you decide to grab one for your wardrobe.

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