Friday, April 1, 2011

*VoguE* Gift of the Month


*VoguE* Gift of the Month ~ Merne Sequin.

A simple sequin dress that shows-off and flatters your figure at the same time. Bare back sleeveless, mini sequin, a twist between sexy and mystery.

Dont' fall behind in trends, and stick with the one look of tube sequin dress, this fashion forward style comes free in 5 colours exclusively to VoguE's in-world members, a perfect fit for any fun night out!

Not forgetting the general public, VoguE has prepared the Lime Sequin for all guests as well (non-members).

Gift ends : 17 April (Sunday)

Fat Pack Gift Set : VoguE Members Exclusive

Lime Gift Set : All Guests of VoguE

Venue : VoguE MainStore at VoguE Fashion Sim

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