Friday, September 2, 2011

*VoguE* Makeup Launch

*VoguE* launches ….. makeup!  What a wonderful compliment to all the lovely clothes a designer creates.  Who better to match shades to outfits, create effects that compliment their designs?  Zalyn Bailey has done just that…..from soft, subtle combinations to D.R.A.M.A. fit for the runway.

The Dramatic Makeup Set is just that, dramatic.  Dazzling, bold colors that shimmer and sparkle.  Flowers and shine that make your eye pop, dramatically lined lids.  These looks will make an impact and be remembered. 

Makeup Set 1 is toned down a bit, suitable for a memorable, everyday look that will pack a punch.  Vibrant colors that frame the entire eye, the smudge of color underneath creates boldness, liner that emphasizes.
Makeup Set 1a is the tamest of the sets.  Lovely bold colors, eyeliner, yet removing that smudge under the eye and decreasing the amount of makeup on the lid makes this set perfect for everyday wear.

What a wonderful enhancement to the wardrobe of any fashionist.  And……from *VoguE*… you know you can count on quality.  Your taxi awaits you, click here.

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