Thursday, September 27, 2012

Now arriving...the BOSL Fashion Week releases!!!

*VoguE* releases for BOSL Fashion Week carried a theme of "Asian Invasion" with each outfit being influenced by different Asian countries.  The collection was for sale for two days following the unveiling and has since been sitting under wraps.  Starting Saturday, September 29, the fashions will begin to be released for general sale, ONLY at *VoguE*.  

Our first release is.....AI AO DAI.  The Vietnamese influence is apparent, as the Ao Dai is an traditional Vietnamese outfit for women, consisting of a long tunic worn over pantaloons.  Not quite so traditional looking, the version at *VoguE* is definitely a fashion statement not to be missed!  Unique, original, *VoguE*.  Now available in SIX colors.

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